Some frequently asked questions about boilers

Some frequently asked questions about boilers


When it comes to boiler servicing, people feel, somehow, confused. This happens because there are many important aspects that they should take into consideration and they feel somehow overwhelmed with all the details which seem important. But in order to make things clear, here is a list with the most common questions about boiler installation, servicing and repair that people may have. Check them in order to find the right answers.

How can I choose the right boiler for my house?

Well, the most convenient way of taking this decision is by looking for boiler servicing in London. You can find some good experts who can help you take the right decision. But, if you decide to purchase it by your own, there are some things that you have to pay attention to. Firstly, there are many types of boilers, but the most common ones are: combination boilers, open vent boilers and, of course, “sealed system” boilers. Let’s suppose that you choose a “sealed system” one. You have to do your research and find out if it meets your need. According to some experts, this type of boiler is a perfect choice for larger homes which also have more than one bathroom. Another great advantage is that the boiler does not need installation in a loft, but, when you want to take a bath, you will have to wait a little longer for water to reach the right temperature.

Which are the main characteristics of a reliable company that provides boiler installation and repair services?  

The first important thing is related to costs. When you do not have a generous budget and there are many other important things that you have to pay for, you should pay attention to any investment. Not to mention that the majority of boilers break down when you need them most. Thus, look for those companies which come with experience, in order to repair your boilers fast and who do not ask you to pay for any hidden costs such as parking. Promptness and reliability are two other important details when it comes to these companies.

Can I save money when it comes to energy?

Fortunately, the answer is “yes”. Even if boilers are some of the devices which consume a lot of energy, experts say that there are some tips and tricks that can help you in this case. One of them is related to upgrading your heat recovery device. Or, in case you do not have one, you should invest in it because it will help you recoup the heat that somehow escapes through the pipes. Another good solution is insulating the hot water cylinders.

How can I prevent the damages? Or am I able to do that?

When it comes to boiler services, one of the most common mistakes is related to the installation. Even if you prove a handy person, you should wait for experts to take care of this thing. Another good way of investing in prevention is by asking the professionals to come and check your systems from time to time. Whichever boiler you decide to invest in, you can maximise its efficiency by having it checked by the real experts.