Best Space Heater for Large Room Comprehensive Guide

Those chilly months can get relatively cold, most particularly in your home’s larger areas. A smaller room can heat up quickly, but a bigger and spacious home can take time. This can be even more upsetting if you’re trying to take a nap. Some nights you might feel like regardless of how many comforters you use, you will never get warm enough to rest. Below are the best space heaters for a large room, so worry no more about freezing on those chilly and cold evenings.

First of all, for the ones who don’t know, a Space Heater for a Large Room is used generally for heating up one room, as opposed to using the Central Heating which is designed to heat up a lot of connected rooms usually in one building. There are a variety of Space Heaters out there, with many being inexpensive but can only be used to heat a small room, while on the higher end are Space Heaters which can run into the hundreds of dollars but can also heat up a huge space. Now we have a general concept of what a Space Heater is, let’s get into the article.

The Best Space Heater for a Large Room

best space heater for large room

1. Comfort Zone Oscillating Space Heater 

If you are looking for a reliable and dependable space heater for a large room, look no further than Comfort Zone Oscillating Space Heater. Aside from having lots of power, it is also integrated with state of the art features. It is equipped with digital thermostats, an 8-hour timer as well as a fan for forced heating. It also comes with an eco-mod, which alters the output of the heat to become more cost-effective. Another amazing feature is that the housing does not get hot, in spite of many hours of use, which makes it safe for use around kids and pets. This is also portable and very light, so you can take to any areas of your home quickly and easily. Another remarkable features integrated are remote control, room temp display as well as ETL-certification. 


  • Oscillation enables radiant heating to all spaces in a 70-degree arc
  • ETL certified
  • Radiant heating elements offer heat fast
  • Long power cord for a versatile placement option
  • Small footprint


  • It comes with an unweighted base so it can be easily tipped over when you are not careful
  • The fan can’t run on its own.

2. Space Heaters for Indoor Use by Air Choice 

Heaters Indoor portable electric with Remote Control & Adjustable Thermostat,

This space heater from Air Choice looks great and fits in almost any decoration. It is considered one of the best space heaters for a big room. This is due to the integrated powerful 1500 watt high heat mode along with the fan, which makes it easy and fast to heat the entire room. 

This heater is also remarkable due to its front panel that looks amazing and provides all the details for the machine that you could need. The thermostat can be set from 59 to 86 degrees F and utilize the eco function to keep the heat inside the room. 

It has a 12-hour timer, which allows the heater on for 12 hours, so you can keep warm all night long. This is small and has a dimension of 11.96 x 10.77 x 14.3 inches tall. So, it fits almost anywhere. 


  • Good style with a metal heating grate at the front 
  • Small but produces amazing heat 
  • 12-hour time 
  • Cord storage system 
  • Full function remote 


  • No fan 

3. Air Plus Heater 

Aireplus Space Heater, 1500W Oil Filled Radiator Electric Heater with Digital Adjustable

This is a reliable infrared space heater that provides an attractive design with 1500 watt maximum output. It comes with 3-settings such as low that generates 750 watts, high that produces 1500 watts as well as an eco-mode. In the eco mode cycle, the heater turns on and off automatically once it reaches the required temperature in order to avoid it from constant running. This space heater is integrated with a touch screen and a programmable thermostat with solid-state non-volatile memory. It comes with smart technology wherein it recalls the temp set in the thermostat even after use

It comes with a remote which provides the entire functions accessible at the unit, so there is no need to get up off the bed to keep things toasty and warm. It has a LED display wherein you can view what the heater is up from anywhere in sight. 


  • Very lightweight and portable
  • Doesn’t take lots of space
  • Very powerful
  • Functions are simple but extremely useful
  • Timer option available


  • Expensive

4. Mica Panel Heater Thermostat

space heater for large room 1500W Wall Heater with Free Stand

Do you want to keep your family comfortable during cold weather? If yes, then considering Mica Panel Heater is the best move you can take. This is a remarkable space heater with a smart timer that allows you to set the start-up as well as shutdown time in twenty-four hours. Through this feature, it can be set to switch on prior to arriving home, so you’ll experience the warmth the moment you enter your room.

This is a 1500 watt mica panel heater that has electromagnetic waves transfers 100 percent of the electrical input to heat, which makes more effective and assists you in saving power bills. It is also integrated with the automatic thermostat can switch the heater on and off in cycles according to the settings. It will keep a comfortable, warm room temp according to your needs and wants.


  • It has a portable design
  • It has tipped over button or switch
  • Runs almost silently
  • Anti-freeze setting
  • Safe to use
  • The integrated thermostat is adjustable


  • It is integrated with caster wheels that can mark some forms of bare flooring
  • The back of the unit can get extremely hot during 12 hours of operation
  • Some say it is not perfect for big spaces.

5. Lonove Space Heaters 1500 W Portable

space heater for large room - 1500w portable

This amazing space heater from Lonove is equipped with an automatic ceramic plate that allows you to get the space warmth fast. The PTC component serves as its sensor. So, worry no more about overheating. It is also integrated with Tip-Over Protection, which makes it safe to use around kids and pets. This functions as a low energy portable heater, so if it reaches in a steady place, it will take only less electricity as opposed to other brands or models available. This also comes with low heat, high heat as well as fan mode settings. With easy to adjust the thermostat, the user can set the needed temp fast. So, it keeps you comfortable all through the night. It is available with a 3-year warranty.


  • Works silently
  • Automatic shut off
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Various power modes available
  • Overheat and Tip-Over protection
  • Safe to use 
  • Widespread Oscillation
  • 3-year warranty
  • Superfast


  • Small fan
space heater for large room

Comparison of the best type of space heater for large room

Item Coverage Watts Dimension Weight
Comfort Zone Oscillating 300 Sq. Ft. 800/1500 25 x 9.5 x 9 in 7.35 pounds
Space Heaters for Indoor 495 Sq. Ft.   1500 12 x 10.8 x 14.3 16 pounds
Aireplus Heater N/A 1500 26 x 15.4 x 6.4 inches 21.1 pounds
Mica Panel Heater 350 Sq Ft 1500 27 x 10 x 22 in 15.3 pounds
Lonove Space Heater 350 Sq Ft 1,500 5.63 x 5.59 x 9.84 in 2.45 pounds

Why use a Space Heater?

The first question that may have come into your mind is “Why would you use a Space Heater if most buildings have Central Heating?”

Well, there are a variety of reasons why you would use a Space Heater. Many families use them too cut down on costs for the Central Heating, primarily in the Winter when it becomes expensive to heat a medium-large house with ideal temperatures during the winter. With a Space Heater, they can heat up only specific rooms of the house, which could prove to be overall cheaper than using the Central Heating for the whole home.

You could also use a best space heater for large room as a backup heat source, for let’s say one day the worst comes to the worst and your boiler is broke, therefore the Central Heating no longer works, it is in the middle of winter and the holidays are approaching, meaning that Boiler Repair workers are in short supply, it could be days before you have the Central Heating back up.

Now, with your house freezing you may have to go to a friends or families house until your boiler can be fixed, which could be a pain as they may not have room and also you now have to work with what they have in their homes.

That’s unless you have a Space Heater, which you could then use as a backup heat source, heating up the areas of the house you use the most like the Living Room and the Kitchen and then take it upstairs at night for when you sleep in your bedroom. Having a Space Heater isn’t just a novelty item, it could one day help you when the worst comes to the worst.

Now we’ve got why people use Space Heaters (even though theirs hundreds of reasons why you would use one, these are only the most common reasons) let’s move further into the article.

Why are Small Room Space Heaters not suitable for Larger Rooms?

When shopping for a the best space heater for large room you should consider where you are going to use it, and ideally, you should buy two, a small room space heater and a large room space heater. You may ask why you have to do that, surely you could use the small one in a large room? and what would be the best electric space heater for large room?

Well, the answer is quite simple, a small room heats up far easier than a large one and so Small Room space heater would be the more energy efficient for such a scenario, however, in a large room the Small Space Heater will take longer and may not even heat up the whole room at all as it doesn’t have enough energy input to be able to heat the whole room.

Meanwhile a best space heater for large room with high ceilings is designed specifically to heat up large rooms, therefore having a bigger power draw however ultimately succeeding in heating the room up completely in a quick manner. However, using a Large Space Heater in a small room is not recommended either, as its bigger power draw will end up costing you more money.

space heater for large room

What power should I have in order to heat a large room?

To heat up a large room, like a large Living Room or Garage you would need approximately around 1500W if you’re using an energy-based Space Heater that is. As explained in the previous section of the article, the power draw for the Large Space Heater is because in order to be able to provide enough heat for whole-room coverage and quick heating it needs a large power draw in order to do so, which is why I also recommended on not using Large Room Heaters in a small room. If you don’t have a 1500W power draw then don’t expect good results from a Large Room Space Heater.

Where should I place a space heater?

For the best heating from the best space heater for large room, we would recommend on putting it on the floor in a part of the room that isn’t used as commonly by people, that is because it would be extra hot the closer to the Space Heater you get. Obviously, position it away from where water can reach it and from where pets and especially children might be able to walk towards and burn themselves on it.

Be Safe with your best space heater for large room

While being a great tool for heating up your rooms a Large Room Space Heater, and any Space Heater for that matter, can be dangerous when used incorrectly. First and foremost, positioning is key, make sure to put it away from anywhere where Children, Babies, Pets can reach it and burn themselves on it. If you have no place to put it that is safe then don’t use it, safety is most important. Make sure to keep it away from any flammable objects and water. Follow these safety instructions and you should have no problem with your Space Heater.

space heater for large room

Which one should I use?

I would recommend buying both, especially if you live in a home which has large and small-sized rooms, it means you can be the most efficient and comfortable using your Space Heaters as you can adapt them to whatever space you like. Obviously, if you live in an apartment I would recommend buying only the Small Space Heater, as most apartments only feature small-medium sized rooms.

Space Heater for a Large Room provide an economical and remarkable solution to those who want heat applied in big rooms. It is vital to keep in mind that these units produce heat, so ensure to practice extra care. There are many types of space heaters for the large room; the best and more reliable product is the one that meets your needs.

Final Thoughts from our Research

Space heaters provide an economical and remarkable solution to those who want heat applied in big rooms. It is vital to keep in mind that these units produce heat, so ensure to practice extra care. There are many types of best space heater for large room; the best and more reliable product is the one that meets your needs. Before you head out, check our post on Hunting Boots