What is a Space Heater and the Factors to Consider?

A space heater is a self contained appliance that is used to heat up an enclosed area. It can either be portable or wall mounted. A potable one can be moved from place to place while a wall mounted one can only be used in one place. The space heater is mostly electric but you can also get one that uses propane or natural gas. These are available in many stores and you can choose the one that you prefer.

There are several types of space heaters such as; electric heaters- these are heaters that use electricity as their power source. These use the convection form of heating which is good for spreading heat over a large surface area. For this reason, you can use it to heat up an entire room. You can also find ones that have fans which are good for spreading warm air faster. However, they are noisy which can be inconveniencing. The electric space heater has radiant versions that make use of the electric ribbon or quartz tube and are used for spot heating. On the other hand, when it is turned off, it dissipates heat very fast.

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You can also get kerosene and propane heaters. This type of space heater normally produces prodigious heat. They are usually the best kind to use outdoors, in places that are well ventilated and have no electric connection. This is because they have an open flame, which increases the chances of carbon monoxide poisoning if they are used indoors. There are also many dangers that are coupled with handling fuel like starting unnecessary fires. You should only use these indoors in cases of emergencies and even then, you should ensure the room that has adequate ventilation.

When you are buying a space heater, you need to put a few factors into consideration. For instance, the type of heat you want depends on whether you like dry heat or moist heat. You should then get the heater that is most appropriate for your heating needs. You should also get the right size of the space heater so that it can serve you appropriately. Consult your plumber so that you can get the right size that you will use without a problem.

Furthermore, you should consider the safety of using the space heater. You need to read the instructions carefully when you purchase it. You should also look for a secure place to store it in the house especially if you have children in the house. You should also consider getting a ceramic space heater that has a fan. This is a good heater, as you will not need to leave it on when you are not in the room. It also has a thermostat that alerts you when you need to turn it on. Others even have remote controls and safety features that ensure you use it without a problem. These also help you to save on electricity bills as you can control the heat.

Different Types of Space Heater to Consider

Provided a space heater has been installed properly, it is capable of heating an entire room. It has the ability to heat up the space instantly and the most common space heater is the wooden stove. Cook stoves, pellet stoves, masonry heaters and fireplace heating are also common ways of space heating. The best location to put your best space heater in a large room is where a substantial amount of time is spent. However, a modern heater is capable of meeting the need for heat in an entire house.

When the cold season sets in, many people are on the look out for a way to keep the house warm and cozy. Well, getting a heater for your house will probably be in the list but before you do, it would be necessary for you to know about the types of space heaters available, to help you make an informed decision. Electric heaters are an example and they provide the heat by means of convention. They are fit with coils that heat up. They have thermostats that will allow you to control the heat to the desired temperatures. However, it is necessary to be aware of the fire hazard posed by these heaters, owing to the fact that the coils get red hot. For purposes of circulating the warmth, these heaters have fans and in some models, they can be used for air conditioning in times of high temperatures.

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Ceramic heaters are also categorized under the electric space heaters. The amount of heat that they emit is relatively low but their portability makes them more marketable. The fact that their electricity consumption is minimal is advantageous. In isolated cases, these types of heaters have rheostats that are capable of sending voltage signals when the temperature of the room alters. The other type of electric heater is the oil filled one. It is portable and consumption of electricity is low. Its fault is that its take long to heat up but when it does, the heat is constant.

Electricity is not the only fuel that can power space heaters. There are some heaters that are non-electric. Kerosene space heaters are an ideal choice for heating up large areas. Since they are not vented, they are not appropriate for enclosed places. Radiation is their way of distributing heat and the wick soaks the kerosene from a tank. This tank is refilled when there is a deficiency. They have great heating capacity and worth noting, is the feature that allows for automatic shutting, if it is accidentally knocked over. This makes it a masterpiece.

Natural gas space heaters are another choice. Most of them are wall mounted and they must be connected to a gas cylinder. Modern packages have sensors that can detect the depletion of oxygen that will result in the space heater going off because in such a case, the risk of poisoned after inhaling carbon monoxide is high.

Wooden space heaters are commonly used and are a comeback in the market. These ones should have a good chimney to avoid suffocation and should be handled cautiously.