New or used Honda – make a smart choice

New or used Honda – make a smart choice


Buying a vehicle represents an important decision that involves a challenging process because you have to acquire the necessary information. Choosing between a new or used car is probably the first aspect people tackle before settling with a specific model. Some people think that a new car provides more reliability while others think that a used car is a better choice in terms of cost. The opinions are mixed and you might find it a little confusing but continue reading and you will be able to clear your mind.


When you navigate on the internet and you explore different models, the appearance represents the first aspects that instantly grans your attention and after minutes, hours or even days of analyzing eventually, you might even find a specific vehicle that meets your requirements. However, as soon as you look at the price, your decision takes a 90-degree turn because the truth is that you cannot choose a vehicle that you simply cannot afford. When it comes to comparing new and used cars, the same principle applies meaning that you have to determine which option suits your budget. Logically, a used Honda is less expensive than a new Honda so you managed to overcome the first step of the process.


The price matters but you cannot purchase a vehicle that soon will leave you walking. This means that you must pay close attention to the second factor, namely reliability. Your fist instinct might tell you that a new car is more reliable than a used one and you have right to a certain extent. The fact is that nowadays manufacturers produce powerful engines and more durable components that resist against external factors like rust. In short, used vehicles have surprisingly become more reliable than before. Thus, if you choose to buy used Honda at affordable price you have the certainty that it will not let you down.


Depreciation is important because it practically establishes a car’s value. Obviously, after several years have passed and you have made the most of your vehicle by driving it in order to reach various locations on different weather conditions, its value has dropped significantly. You should know that a new car loses approximately 40% of its value in the first years. Moreover, this process starts from the moment you leave from the dealership. When it comes to a used car, depreciation does not follow the same pattern meaning that a used Honda will not experience the same level of depreciation with the first year of ownership.