Methods to Overcoming Boredom in Recovery

Methods to Overcoming Boredom in Recovery


When it comes to relapse triggers, perhaps the single most powerful example of all also happens to be the most common. And not only the most common, but a trigger that will almost always present itself to one extent or another for every individual going through recovery addiction.

Speak to any expert or professional in the rehab centres in London and they will tell you the same – boredom can be catastrophic. As is the case with most things, the best way to beat boredom is to avoid it in the first place. Which is, suffice to say, quite often easier said than done. It’s one thing to set out with the intention of not getting bored, but it’s something else entirely to avoid boredom altogether. Especially when you may find yourself in a situation where you are tired, emotionally drained and going through the most challenging process of your life.

The simple fact of the matter is that sooner or later, every recovering addict will find themselves perhaps dangerously bored. The question therefore being – what can be done to deal with boredom when it sets in?

The answer…well, just about anything is better than nothing when it comes to beating boredom, just so long as it doesn’t result in risky behaviour or relapse.  But as far as the experts are concerned, there are certain proactive and positive ways and means by which boredom can be overcome, which should definitely be considered and tried by those going through the process of addiction recovery.

Write it Down

For example, if you find yourself in a situation where you apparently have nothing to do but have endless thoughts racing in your mind, grab a pen and write them down. Keeping a journal typically represents one of the core elements of most addiction recovery processes and can be surprisingly therapeutic. Writing your thoughts down on paper represents the kind of emotional release that really can instantly put you in a better frame of mind.  Along with this, it’s also a great way of killing time in a positive and productive manner.

Write a Schedule

When you think about it, there are probably thousands of things you could be doing, instead of just sitting around and doing nothing at all. But at the same time, it can be difficult to decide what to do and when to do it, when plagued with a sense of crippling boredom. As such, the solution can often lie in something as simple as a day to day schedule.  All you need to do is take a diary or piece of paper and lay out something of a plan of action, in order to keep you busy for the foreseeable future at least. Getting into something of a routine may seem boring in its own right, but is certainly more distracting and entertaining than doing nothing at all.

Remember That Boredom Is a Mindset

Although it can be easier said than done, it definitely worth reminding yourself that boredom is simply a mindset. Which in turn technically means that it is something you do in fact have total control over.  There is barely any example of an instance where it is impossible for the individual in question to change their mindset in such a manner so as to overcome boredom. It’s only when you resign yourself to the fact that you are bored and there is nothing you can do about it that boredom becomes hopeless and intolerable.

Change the Scenery

When gripped by boredom, simply changing the scenery can be incredibly effective.  It doesn’t necessarily have to be some way you’ve never been before, but by simply changing your surroundings for even a brief period of time, you will automatically find yourself in an entirely different mindset. What’s more, if you make the decision to head somewhere a little further afield, there is also the distraction that comes with the process of travelling there.

Study Something

While it may appear that you have absolutely nothing to do, there is absolutely no situation or reason why it would be impossible to study something. Think about something you are interested in or would like to learn more about and get yourself online. The web is crammed with more than enough resources to take anyone from absolute beginner to qualified professional in just about any subject whatsoever. So if you have an Internet connection, you really have no excuse!

Do Something Nice For Someone

Last but not least, boredom has a tendency to lead people into something of a downward spiral, wherein they begin feeling sorry for themselves, wallow in self-pity and summarily find it difficult to pick themselves back up. As such, it is in exactly such situations where you need to remind yourself that you are not the only person in the world and nor is it just your own feelings and happiness that matter. If you are feeling down, bored and unsure what to do, why not dedicate your time to doing something nice for someone else?