Ingenious ways to use ribbon around the house

Ingenious ways to use ribbon around the house

You have probably used ribbon on more than one occasion, either to give gift wraps that finishing touch, decorate your Christmas tree, or beautify a bouquet of flowers. However, you should know that this decorative supply can be easily incorporated in your home décor in a lot of fun, and aesthetically appealing ways as well. Once you discover how you can use ribbon around the house, you will certainly be tempted into trying out at least one or two of the following ideas:


Glam up your dinner table with ribbon

You can use small straps of ribbon to tie around your wine or prosecco glasses, to keep your napkins folded, or even by sewing them in cute patterns onto your table cloth directly. With the right ribbon accessories, your dinner table will always look festive, and you will certainly impress your guests, when you are having company. And with so many beautiful everyday ribbons available for sale on the market, you can choose the perfect supplies of this kind for your personal taste, and for your current dining room décor.

Brighten up your bedroom with a ribbon curtain

If you like unconventional decorations, and you want your bedroom to be full of life, you can make the area more vibrant and visually appealing by incorporating a ribbon curtain into the décor. Creating a curtain out of ribbons is the easiest DIY project you will ever handle. However, make sure to opt for grosgrain ribbon for this decorative trick, or a more qualitative fabric of this kind, in order for the results to be as cute and stylish as desired.

Give some ribbon spark to your lounge area

Your living room can also be beautified with the help of this decorative supply. Whether you choose to tie some thick pieces of ribbon around your coffee table’s legs, sew some ribbon patterns onto your sofa’s cushions or hang a few straps of ribbon from your chandelier, in a length that allows the strands to fall onto the floor, there are many great ways in which you can use ribbon to spark up your lounge area.

Ribbon is such a versatile supply that can it be used for much more than just gift wrapping or Christmas decorating, and the ideas mentioned above are only a few of the many options you have the possibility to go for. If you want to bring some colour into your home décor, without actually putting in a lot of effort, using ribbon in various ingenious ways is the right answer for you.